UK is one of the oldest education and Learning hub from centuries. It’s great news for Indians that UK government has recently introduced new rules for easier migration to students and businesses that employ and patronize international migrants. This flexibility towards migration process would be more thriving or beneficial for Indians. Per the new rules, the UK government allows the visitors for a short term study and training during their stay.

According to the UK government, these changes will be more blooming for the nation and will be able to draw the attention of international students.

UK is always being an attractive education destination for Indian students, though there has a huge drop in the percentage of Indian students previous year, this year there is a rapid growth of Indian students in their Universities and schools. International students will be given chance to take up corporate internship after a successful completion of their degree. Graduate entrepreneurs are allowed to take up skilled jobs.

The unique feature of UK immigration is that the country is immigration friendly and offers a variety of choices for a client to choose from. UK offers several tiers of visa that are dived according to the purpose of the visa that it is designed for. UK also designed some specific immigration visas that are targeted to a group of countries and a particular set of people. Many of the visas are granted based on the points based assessment test.

There are several types of occupations in UK that comes under the professions that are eligible for migration. Skilled worker immigration is the popular immigration type in UK. Occupations under this visa are useful for the economy of UK. UK offers conditions that have to be fulfilled for obtaining a Permanent Residency Permit.

There are special and separate visas for business people, investors, students, spouse of a candidate, family, post graduate work, tourists, workers and many more. There are several requirements that have to be considered while applying under a specific type of visa.

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