Australia provides a unique experience in terms of education with its rich history in research and educational initiatives. The culture of Australia provides an inclination towards innovative thinking, creativity, reasoning and problem solving. Moreover, there are quality institutions that are known worldwide for the value they add to a student’s career. Australian culture is as broad and varied as the country’s landscape and is a multicultural and multiracial country and this is reflected in the country’s food, lifestyle and cultural practices and experience.

Australia has an adult literacy rate that was estimated to be 99% in 2003 and has 37 government-funded universities and two private universities, as well as a number of other specialist institutions that provide approved courses at the higher education level. The growing preference towards Australia is due to various factors put together and primarily because of the research oriented culture in the country and also the curriculum is designed in a way that it gives a practical approach and is aligned with the career objectives that a student may have. Although, international students are required to have student visa in order to be a part of the country, the perks that come along with the visa are what make the destination unique out of all, opportunities like these can bolster learning and provide for an interesting way to experience a new culture altogether. The AQF is the national policy for qualifications in Australian education and training. It was introduced in 1995 to underpin the national system of qualification in Australia encompassing higher education, vocational education and training and schools. So my voting for Australia is correct.


Australia is an ideal place to enjoy a quality education and outstanding quality of life.

Australia offers value for your money, with living expenses (such as private rent) and tuition costs comparable with the United States and United Kingdom. You can earn a small amount by working part-time up to 40 hours every two weeks while you study. However, you cannot rely on this as your only source of income.


    • Visa application form (which your education counsellor will help you complete)

    • Visa application fee

    • Four passport-sized photographs

    • Valid passport

    • Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (once your counsellor has applied to institutions for you)

    • IELTS result

    • Academic and work experience documents

    • Statement of purpose


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